Sunday, 6 September 2015

Preparing for Assessment

  • Assignment 1: Is pretty much unchanged and will be presented as a series of postcards.
  • Assignment 2: Have revisited my tutors feedback, and looked at the images with a view to printing them as I did not prepare full sized prints for Assignment 1. On this basis I've lost the moon-rise images as being a it of a cliche, and moved the poster to the end as a more suitable finish. I have replaced the dence image with an alternative because it simply wasn't sharp enough and added an additional present day reference to Bessemer. My tutor suggested that I might consider an alternative linking image to lead into the community section, but my perception is that, in spite of the somewhat temporary memorials such as the posters and the passing references to Bessemer, the legacy is rapidly being forgotten so I have moved the fence between the "history" and the "present" sections. As well as the required blog post I will be presenting these as A4 prints as well.
  • Assignment 3: The pdf book dummy is presented in the pages above. The final presentation will be as a "working journal" of an archaeological expedition to the area at some unspecified time - full details are provided in other posts accessed from the RH menu
  • Assignment 4...still to be revised at the time of posting this
  • Assignment 5: Will be presented as a magazine in which I try to capture some of the experience of beach-combing. I've received a copy from Blurb and to be honest I'm quite pleased with the way it's turned out.
It seems to be my curse that things only slot in to place as I prepare for assessment.

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