2 Final: Workington: Legacy of Steel

Legacy and narrative are words which belong together. Legacy carries the idea of something being passed to a future generation, while narrative carries the implication of storytelling. 
Workington is a town in the north west of England with a long and important industrial history associated primarily with steel making. The legacy of this industry is rapidly disappearing for all but those in the know. 
This series investigates the traces of that legacy. It is a collection of examples of the signs and symbols that remain of an industry that forged not just steel rails and tools, but also a community. The images were gathered while wandering the streets, the less well known industrial areas and the shoreline. Within a generation first-hand knowledge of the origin of these objects will be all but gone – the legacy will have become the realm of archaeologists. 
In choosing these eight images I have sought to vary the manner in which the legacy of the steel industry is portrayed and so help build a story of that industry. They are intended to be seen together as a narrative of an industry disappearing from memory but to retain individual meaning within that narrative.


Assignment 2-8


Assignment 2-7




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