3:Final: Detectives off to the end of the world

My first re-work is available here as a pdf: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/56087834/Detectivesofftotheendoftheworld2.pdf

However the final product has been developed further into a hand made book/installation. This is currently on its way to assessment, and no images are available. The final product is post-bound with foam board covers, and the images printed on good quality (but not photographic) paper. The images are interleaved with sheets of tracing paper, showing annotation of object dimensions, location etc, together with the captions as per the pdf version handwritten on the tracing paper itself. I have also included a plastic envelope with a genuine artefact.

The intent is to give the impression of a working journal from a visit to the site, as an investigation of how we use words, stories and objects to build a story. A video review of the final version is available below:


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