Tuesday, 15 September 2015

A few more changes

Assessment really helps focus the mind on what it is you are trying to achieve.

Assignment 1: As a set of postcards this felt a little - unsupported - the reading perhaps just a bit too vague. I have decided to submit them for assessment in a slip case I prepared from a copy of an old hotel receipt. Matching the form to the message is an important technique for supporting a particular reading. I've also changed the name to "Wish You Were Here" as it seems to capture the idea of separation from my local community more accurately.

Assignment 3: As well as the images I have included a genuine artefact recovered from the beach in a plastic envelope on one of the pages. The additional real object seems to me to add to the authenticity - perhaps its indexicality could be seen as parallel to and supporting the indexicality of the images. It's also worth noting that on the interleaving pieces of tracing paper I have made notes of the dimensions of some of the objects pictured, together with brief location notes...again to add to the sense of authenticity. All the text is handwritten and in pencil.

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