Saturday, 8 November 2014

24: A small surreal portfolio

Lots of opportunity for surrealism while out beachcombing – random chance throws things together in all sorts of ways – coupled with the genuinely surreal post industrial landscape along the Workington coastal strip. Comments welcome.

More industrial fossils

Partly melted metal chain

Wind up platypus


Caribbean Paradise


  1. These are interesting and disturbing pictures Nigel. The only one that strikes me as surreal in the classic sense is no3 - the duck toy. That probably says a lot about social expectations, in that I am disappointed but not surprised to see water and suncream bottles discarded on a beach or rusty chains of a type that might anchor small boats.

    By contrast I think these images are strongly surreal

  2. Those are two cracking examples Eileen - and I can see that my platypus is a rather weaker example of that genre. My difficulty is in understanding what surrealism means in this context. I had thought that the rather biomorphic nature of the melted chain and the nature of the coincidences in some of the other images might put them in that category, but yet again I am having to re-examine my understanding. It seems such a tenuous idea.

  3. I like the irony in no 4, a 'pave fix' tub lying beside broken concrete. Following on from what Eileen has said, maybe an alternative viewpoint would create a greater sense of surrealism.