Sunday, 20 September 2015

Meals I've eaten

It struck me as I was reviewing the photos I've taken in couple of years this course has run that I have a lot of pictures of food. Mainly, but not exclusively these are meals I've had on holiday, and as a way of recording the experience of a holiday they have something to recommend.

If you're the sort of person who like sampling local culture it's going to show in the food you choose to eat...if you're a high-roller that's going to show be honest even if TV football and "genuine fish and chips" is your thing that's likely to come through as well. Which must give the idea some claim to documentary status.

Of course, it's non-trivial to sort all those threads. The fact that i have drawn the distinctions I have is indicative of my own personal prejudices, but even so, I believe we could make a claim for documentary status.

It's not an original idea either... pretty sure there's a photographer who photographed everything they eat for a week, which must be the ultimate dieting aid. I'm not that enthusiastic but for starters here's a couple of examples from my more recent culinary experiences.


Asturias, Spain

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