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Mark Dion and the Arts and Archaeologies of Waste | Material World

Mark Dion and the Arts and Archaeologies of Waste | Material World:

Why have I not studied Mark Dion in more detail before? His work examines the the idas and the institutions which shape our understanding of history, knowledge, and the natural world. A key part of his process...indeed some have suggested that for Dion the process is the art... is to use archaeological methods of collecting, ordering, and exhibiting objects. For example at The Tate he displayed a cabinet of curiosities containing items recovered from an archaeological dig of the Thames foreshore.  His works apparently question the distinctions between “objective” (“rational”) scientific methods and “subjective” (“irrational”) influences. 

In the article linked in the title the author reflects on the insight that Dion's work offers on the role of waste materials in archaeological practice.

Update: Since the original post I have obtained a copy of Mark Dion: Archaeology which gives much more detailed analysis of his Tate/Thames Dig work, which examines questions such as "Is it art or archaeology?" It is unlikely that I will be able to add a more detailed review here prior to assessment but it is certainly something I intend to carry forward to my Level 3 work.

Reference: Mark Dion, Archaeology: Ed. Coles, A., Black Dog Publishing; London; 2006.

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