Monday, 6 October 2014

One hour – one location

So in the end I went for the hours shooting from a single location. The choice of location was made a bit easier by being on holiday – I found a nice corner table in a tavern in Ibiza Old Town. And for the record I can heartily recommend the food at the Taberna El Gallego.

One hour - one location

To be honest I’m not really sure what I was hoping to shoot. There were lots of people, but in general they just ambled past enjoying the sunshine, chatting to their friends and looking for somewhere to eat. So in reality very little happened and there is a limit to how many random shots of passers-by I can be tempted to take. I tried a couple of dogs, and even resorted to the tableware. However, and I assume this might be the point of the exercise, once I got my eye in there were some more interesting characters and juxtapositions. The exercise asks for a small portfolio of 5-6 shots – as follows:

One hour - one location One hour - one location
One hour - one location One hour - one location
One hour - one location One hour - one location

Why these? The top row struck me as interesting characters, the second row for what I believe to be their slightly surreal qualities (the head and legs emerging from the dummy and the slightly pugilistic feel of the other) and the last two for their slightly odd juxtapositions.

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