Friday, 4 July 2014

Beyond the Border: New Contemporary Photography from Scotland

Attended this exhibition, complete with presentations from the photographers as part of a study visit - as always great to meet fellow students.

The exhibition featured the work of four photographers who form the Document Scotland collective. Without going in to too much detail - their website features a very good selection of their material - it's worth noting that this is a much gentler form of documentary than much we are directed to by the student notes. It is also much more personal a collection of investigations, into the Antonine Wall, the differences a short border crossing can make to everyday life, the lives of women in the countryside and what it means to adopt Scottish heritage in the USA.

The over-riding impression is of a bodies of work seeking to re-make, or perhaps strengthen their links with their home country at a key moment in its history, and made all the better for resisting the urge to engage in nationalistic campaigning of either persuasion.

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