Tuesday, 7 January 2014

8: Planning for Assignment 2

This is essentially a marker for the start of this module.

The assignment requires that I provide 8 images that individually have a narrative and convey an idea – preferably an abstract concept. At this stage I can see two paths – one is the theoretical one – by the end of the module I hope I have finally grasped the concept of narrative. For the second – the one with the pictures – I have an idea to investigate to what degree objects can convey narratives – in other words, how we can use objects in a documentary setting.

For example it seems to me that these two photos, in spite of their similarities – subject, location, lighting, etc are capable of very different readings – one speaking of companionship, the other of loneliness. One of the things that interests me is how the glass of beer and the cutlery in particular make that differentiation and what else can be achieved by deliberately using cultural baggage as part of the image.

Drinking alone Dinner for two

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