Monday, 4 November 2013

Talking rubbish

OK – I have the germ of an idea for my final portfolio already. It is clearly wise to have more than one up my sleeve, but that requires at least one to start with. It’s inspired in part by Contraband by Taryn Simon and Discarded by David Shepherd and gives more than a passing glance to the themes in Chris Jordan’s Midway.
It also allows me to continue with my exploration of my local coastline which I started in Landscape 2
PB030604.jpg PB030609.jpg PB030612.jpg
PB030613.jpg PB030614.jpg PB030615.jpg
PB030617.jpg PB030618.jpg PB030619.jpg


  1. Nice one Nigel, good development.

    1. Thanks Clive - I'm trying to work out in my head if I can deliver a narrative of some kind using only objects, and in a way that carries on some of my interests from Landscape. Have a coupel more ideas up my sleeve that I need to progress here as well.