Monday, 25 November 2013


Postcards, from what little I know of them, could perhaps be seen as a genre of documentary photography in their own right. Early ones seem to feature everything – steam engines, cities, countryside, people – you name it. These days they are more often sent, if they are sent at all, to the family and friends at home when you’re away somewhere. This seems to resonate with the idea’s in one of my previous posts about “in the community, but not of it”. I’m in the resort, but not of it.

There’s an idea to explore here for Assignment 1 – make my photos into postcards and send them home – from the post-box in the village.

Is this documentary? I’m not sure – largely because I’m still not fully sure what documentary is.  I think I can argue that it is for the simple reason that it captures an aspect of my life in a way that hopefully conveys something of how I feel about it.

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