Monday, 18 November 2013

Framed–working towards Assignment 1

“From a photographers point of view, a window looking on to the street is a way of being of the world, but not in it.” Geoff Dyer; The Ongoing Moment

One of many fascinating insights in Dyer’s book, which I can recommend if you haven’t read it, and a statement which encapsulates my relationship with almost everywhere - “of it but not in it.” I’m not bothered by this, but it is a simple fact of my life that I live in a pretty small village, 300 miles from my birthplace – I spend 2-3 days per week travelling and I’ve lived in 3 different locations since leaving home. The only constant has been my family.

Dyer also visit’s Frank’s America in his wander through the roads of photography – reflecting on the use of photography from cars and the sense of being on the move that photos from car windows gives.

These ideas combined give me an idea for the assignment in which I capture the immediate surroundings of my home through the window – from my office, from my living room, from my car – or perhaps even more distantly through the TV screen, the computer monitor and the smart phone. Looking through a window – though a frame – of the world but not in it. Of my community but not really in, or engaged with it, for very much of the time.

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