Monday, 29 July 2013

The first post

So here it is – Documentary. I’m facing this course with some trepidation. I freely admit that people photography is not my strength, and to cap it all, I’m a fairly solitary individual so identifying with a geographically limited community in any way, shape or form is going to be a challenge for me.

At this stage I feel my working method is going to be a simple continuation of the method I adopted for landscape. Online research will be recorded using OneNote, and transferred here as appropriate, and my written blog is primarily used for random jottings that help me to fix the thoughts I record here.

A couple of initial reactions to the course material. I’ve chosen to have it delivered online through the student site – I have more than enough paper and files in the office as it stands. Having read through it, this has pros – it’s harder to skip or overlook the hard bits – and cons – it’s difficult to dip into to suit circumstance. the other thing that’s worth saying is beware what you wish for. I found the exercises in Landscape occasionally over prescriptive and focussed on techniques which I ought by now to have mastered – or at least understood.  I realise that I had the old version, and that it has been re-written, but it’s only when reading this course that the realisation of just how different the new material is strikes home. A lot more engagement with the canon, far fewer ‘take a photo’ exercises, a greater emphasis on personal research and much more open ended assignments - eeek!

Oh! And I’ve still got to prepare Landscape for assessment.

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